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Team FeXY Gear

   FeXY gear is available for purchase to Team FeXY members.

         View samples of Team FeXY Gear below(Click on images to enlarge!):

Sample Team FeXY Gear
Bike Jerseys

Cycling Jersey - Front and Back

Sleeveless Bike Jersey - Front and Back

Woman's FeXY Wear

LG Bra Top - Front and Back

LG Racer Tank - Front and Back

Woman Run Singlet - Front and Back

FeXY Tops

LG Men's Tri Top - Back

Men's Run Singlet - Front

SS Tech Run Top

Casual Jacket - Front and Back

Full Zip Hoodie

FeXY Hats

Tech Run Hat

Baseball Hat - Black

Wool Hat - White

Wool Hat - Black

Visor - Red

Visor - White

Visor - Black

Winter Wear

Leg - Warmer

Arm - Warmer

Running - Tights

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