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Team Workouts and Workout Schedule


Our Group workouts are a big part of what make Team FeXY great. Whether it’s a cold winter morning garage trainer session or hot summer evening running on the track, there’s a lot of camaraderie in our training. As a team, we don’t provide specific training plans for specific races, but you will likely find others working toward similar goals.

There are two important things to remember for every workout:

All workouts are open to all team members.

You are responsible for your own workout.

These two principles really make our workouts great. You never know when you’re going to have a breakthrough workout just by being in the right group.

Getting Involved

Producing so many great workouts takes a team. From planning ride routes to hosting runs everyone can be involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the podium every week or own the back of the pack, everyone can contribute to making workouts great. Get involved on the forums or reach out to the workout coordinator to find your place.

Workout Structure

Team FeXY has three types of workouts:

Hosted - A team member will lead each individual workout. The workouts, routes and leaders will be published in advance.

Standing - Without a specific leader, these workouts will be listed on the calendar every week, but may not occur. Make sure you RSVP on the website.

Adhoc - Informal workouts arranged via the forums. Regular adhoc workouts that are well attended will be promoted to standing workouts.

Scheduled Workouts

Our year is divided into three seasons each anchored by hosted workouts.

Pre-season - January 1 - March 15

In-season - March 16 - October 15

For 2013, Team FeXY has added a lot of quality Team Workouts to our In-season schedule, including several ITB “Inside-the-Beltway” workouts. A lot of work goes into our Team Workouts, so let’s hit these workouts HARD, and show your Team Pride!

Off-season - October 16 - December 31

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