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Team FeXY Board of Directors

The Team FeXY board is a group of active Team members, whose purpose is to assist in fulfilling the mission and objectives of the Team. The board is also responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Team.

To view the organizational structure of the FeXY Board, in PDF format, click on the image below:


President: Scott Baldwin

   I was a cross-country and track runner during my four years of high school. Freshman year of college, I walked on to the Division I Northeastern University track team and ran the 400m hurdles for NU for two years. I recognized that I was only an average athlete, and thus spent the next 10 years focusing my efforts on family and education. I went on to earn a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, I had three kids, and I got terribly out of shape – packing on 25 pounds.

   On a business trip to Hawaii one year, I had the opportunity to witness Ironman Hawaii and decided that I wanted to participate in that race some day. One major hurdle: I didn't know how to swim. I spent the next eight years trying to earn my "golden-ticket" to the big dance. In 2008, I had my big breakthrough and qualified for Kona at Ironman Lake Placid by placing second in the M40-44 division, despite monsoon-like conditions. I attribute my success at that race to knowing the course really well (4th time racing at Lake Placid and failing miserably twice), endless running in the winter, tons of volume on the bike through the spring and early summer, and continual integration of mental toughness. I also credit my success to friends and family. They drag me out of the house on cold mornings, push me harder than I would push myself, and they encourage me when times get tough.

   I wanted to create the same training environment and camaraderie through Team FeXY – a formal team that trains, races, and socializes together. My goal is to build a group of people from all over the US - of all experience levels, backgrounds & abilities - who are passionate about what they do and who want to be part of a group with common interests and goals. Members of Team FeXY will be able to train and race endurance sports to the best of their ability. This will be another big year for Team FeXY as we expand beyond the DC Area to other regions of the US (currently expanding into Texas and North Carolina), as well as for me while I make another push for Kona in a few years.

Vice-President: Michelle Lake

   I started swimming when I was 5 years old when my Mom wouldn't let me go home until I swam a width of the pool. By the next year I was on swim team, and by age 7 I started swimming year-round, finishing out my swimming career at the United States Naval Academy. I quit swimming my Senior year at Navy and re-focused all that energy into my Military duties.

   After graduation I worked as a Surface Warfare Officer, spending 4 years in San Diego, and then gave time back to my school as a Company Officer at USNA. Triathlon always looked "interesting" but I didn't think I could run ever since I fell off a wall and broke my leg in Marine training when I was 19. The next time I got in the pool (other than my twice-yearly Physical Readiness Test) was to train for my first triathlon in early 2006, a few years after I got out of the Navy. My first race was the Luray sprint and I was hooked! I completed my first half-Iron a few short months later, and then my first IM at IMLP in 2007.

   I am so happy that I found triathlon and re-found sport. I enjoy the competitive outlet that was dormant during my 20s and am extremely appreciative of the friends that I have met along the way. This sport is more about the people you meet and the relationships.

Treasurer: Christina Tragle

   Growing up, I dabbled some in gymnastics which turned into cheerleading when I was in high school. I did not play any other organized team sport and even recall being worried about passing the 1 mile run test in high school. Starting in college, I jogged a bit here and there and always maintained a decent level of fitness.

   Years later in 2009 and 8 days after having my second child, my husband signed me up for a triathlon. I did not own a bike or know how to swim. Preparing for the triathlon helped me get in shape after having my children and made me realize what a gift it was that I was able to push my body to those limits. Triathlon and endurance racing helps me to feel strong and healthy and gives me energy to spend time with my active family.

   I am not an elite athlete, yet every race feels like an achievement to me. Training and setting personal goals for each race keeps me motivated and confident. Since my first triathlon, I've completed many half and full marathons, numerous triathlons, 2 half iron distance races and 1 full ironman. For me, triathlon has become an analogy of life. Each time I finish a race, I think "if I can do that, I can do more. And maybe I can do anything if I set my mind to it." I want others to believe that about themselves too.

   I feel so thankful and inspired to train and race with talented athletes on our team. With my background as a CPA and in corporate accounting, I am happy to give back to Team FeXY as the Treasurer.

Secretary: Laura Cortina

   I've been a part of team sports as long as I can remember - I joined the summer swim team when I was 5, as well as a softball team, and stuck with both of those all the way through high school. I was a gym rat in college, but didn't participate in any organized sports. Somewhere during my runs just to stay in shape in beautiful Charlottesville, I actually started to enjoy myself.

   I signed up for a couple of half marathons, and eventually MCM in DC. I remember running this race and hearing all of the Team in Training people cheering for each other. It made me realize two things - one, I need to be a part of a team, and two, just running seems awfully boring - someone get me back to a pool!

   I registered for my first triathlon in 2006, a half Ironman with Team in Training (TNT). I had a fantastic race, and I was hooked to say the least. TNT gave me the team experience I was looking for, but of course you don't stay together as a team. After returning back to training, mostly alone for my first couple of Ironman distance races, it became obvious that I needed to join an actual triathlon team. So, knowing a couple of my coworkers, who had just joined a team, I discussed the topic with them and how they liked it.....the rest is history.

   As a member of FeXY, I have not only greatly improved my triathlon skill and knowledge, but I have built wonderful friendships with like-minded, passionate people. I look forward to giving back to the team that I have received so much from the past few years, not only as Social Chair, but however else I can help to make us the best team we can be!

Community Outreach: Dave Tipler

   Since before I was a teenager, I was interested in participating in sports. In those days it was soccer, rugby, athletics and cross-country. Then by the time I was into my 20s, my focal sport was Marathons. Unfortunately I then got distracted with work, stopped racing, and ran much shorter distances.

   In 2003, a colleague enticed me to try doing a Triathlon. My first race was a Sprint in 2004. Later that year I did the Reston Triathlon. My race time was 2hrs 52 minutes, with a blazing time of just under 39 minutes for the swimming. I am happy to say that my time has significantly improved since that time. This, to me, is what this sport is all about; doing your best.

   I met Scott Baldwin at the Kinetic Sprint, May 2009. After chatting to him about FeXY, I really liked the Team Mission, Vision and Objectives. So, having previously met a number of other Team FeXY members, I asked to join. As a member of Team FeXY I had the ability to train with experienced triathletes; thus improving my skills and knowledge in the sport. To me, a key aspect of life is about making the best of anything you do.

   As a member of Team FeXY, I am now able to give assistance to others and be a part of something greater than I could do on my own. While my key responsibility is Community Outreach Director, I also remain involved in other facets on the team. It is really great to work and train with such a dynamic and focused Team, and give back to our community.

Sponsorship Director: Xavier Passy

    I have always been actively involved in sports. Growing up in the French Alps, I skied competitively through my teenage years. Off-season training was filled with rides through the Alps, competitive tennis, and windsurfing. Throughout the years, I kept on cycling and running to maintain my physical condition.

    The next natural evolution was to enter and compete in the world of triathlon. I spent the first year training and going to races by myself. I realized a number of clubs and teams were out there. I started to do some research and quickly narrowed my interest to Team FeXY. The Team's mission is simple. It reflects a deep interest in the sport, focusing on promoting it while contributing to the local community, and developing the athletic abilities of its members through organized training, fostering discipline in training, and knowledge sharing.

    My teammates knowledge and experience quickly boosted my performance and confidence. Thanks to Team FeXY, I rapidly became a much better triathlete and had the support of others, and an effective organization to help me through hard training sessions.

    I am approaching the role on the BOD as a way to give back to the team, the sport, and the local community. My goal is to help grow Team FeXY and create the best environment to train, race, and share our passion and experience while having fun.

Webmaster: Scott Lake

   Growing up in South Africa daily life tended to be very active with sports and outdoor activities. I loved being outside water-skiing 3-5 times a week, playing tennis and golf, swimming, competing in rugby for my school, riding bikes all over the place. If it was outside I was doing it.

Fast forward about 20 years and I was looking for a closest parking space whenever I needed to run into a store, I needed a change. I joined a gym, picked up weights to get fit but noticed the cardio needed the most work. I started swimming and running/walking on the treadmill before weights for 30 minutes. This progressed to using my beater Target bike on the trails and started doing some runs in the woods. Finally putting it all together I said to myself, lets see if I can do this triathlon thing I heard about. New road bike, a focus on longer distance riding, swimming more, and a steady doses of runs for 12 weeks and The Nations Tri became my first race. I loved it and since then have never looked back.

I then found that one of the best ways to enjoy the individual sport of triathlon is with a great community around you: to motivate, to inspire, to share common interests and goals. Team FeXY has brought me great relationships and amazing friendships, and I am excited to give back to the group that creates this unique shared training environment to a mostly selfish sport.

Membership: Kristine Wooten

   Growing up in a small New Hampshire town being active was a way of life. Through high school, in the winter, every weekend was spent skiing, ski racing during the week (with a few medals to my name in state meets), and softball in the spring. Nonetheless, I did get a couple marathons, disastrous, under my belt and then....married life and parenthood set in....

Making my way through the first few years of my teaching career, homeownership, marriage, and two kiddos, I was finally ready to challenge myself past pushing a double stroller on runs; sign up for the Reston Sprint Tri came about, and I took the plunge! I competed in my first tri, on my sister's hand-me-down road bike, and took first place in my age group! I was hooked! Then came the Reston Oly Tri with another nice performance…Time to push myself. The next fall I did Timberman 70.3. What a jump!

There was NO way I could self-coach for a half. So, I began looking for a triathlon team that was diverse enough for triathletes both new to the tri scene, and who could encourage me to push my limits. I was fortunate to find Team FeXY and haven’t looked back!

With the help of my teammates and Coach Kim I have finished a Reston Olympic Tri, Reston Half-Marathon, a few Timberman 70.3’s back up in NH, and Raliegh 70.3. My husband wasn’t in the tri scene but, after one season of me on Team FeXY, he was willing to give it a shot!

With the continued support from Team FeXY friends, my husband signed up for his first 140.6, IMMD in September of 2014…he was going to complete his first 140.6 before me!??? Consequently, being competitive, I completed my first IM at IRONMAN Cozumel in November 2014. What a sense of accomplishment! Not only did encouragement from my family, personal friends and friends on Team FeXY help, they were also the basis for my success. Having so many fellow athletes in my neighbourhood has allowed my competitive nature to flourish, not to mention the lifelong friendships that my family (hubby and kiddos) have made.

Being a part of the Team FeXY BOD, handling Membership, allows me to share my passion for balancing triathlons with life, and being a part of Team FeXY with others! I look forward to working closely with current and new members in my new position. WOOT! WOOT!

Inside the Beltway Liaison: Daniel Beaman

   I have been involved in team sports from a very early age and have always enjoyed the camaraderie and sense of achievement gained through being part of a highly motivated team. I played football, lacrosse and golf from the age of six and also enjoyed mountain biking when I had the opportunity.

   Following college I would participate in recreational sport leagues for flag football, occasional mountain bike rides with friends and was always in the gym lifting when possible. Despite this, demands of a usual work schedule that involved heavy amounts of international travel left me more sedentary than I had hoped. At the urging of a close friend I purchased my first road bike August of 2012 and began cycling every chance I had. I completed my first century ride (the Back Roads Century) that September and was hooked. As cycling began to take hold, I realized I needed to increase my fitness in other areas. At the urging of my cousin Sara prior to MCM that year, I began running and completed eight marathons in 2013.

   Still something was missing from the fitness routine, I realized I needed to be part of a team that would help motivate and push me to new levels as well as instill the camaraderie from team sports I experienced in my early athletic career. I joined Team FeXY and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it improved my athletic ability, but has also become a second family with amazing friendships as a result. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors to continue to grow Team FeXY membership and create greater awareness in the local community as an ambassador for the team.

Workout Coordinator: Meg Gray

      I've always been interested in endurance sports. My dad trained for and raced marathons while I was a kid. I remember him leaving for his long runs and being so impressed that he could be out there for 18-20 miles; and the license it gave him to have 3 Oreo cookies at dessert instead of the 1 I was allowed. When I didn't make my high school soccer team, I decided to give cross country a try. I came in last just about every race, but I loved to run. I continued running through high school, and on occasion for exercise in college.

After college I found myself overweight and not in the shape I knew I could be in. In 2002 I signed up for a marathon training group and completed the Inaugural (and only) DC Marathon. I had so much fun training for that first marathon. I loved the structure and accountability the group provided. I also loved the camaraderie. I met so many great people; some are still good friends.

For 3 years after that marathon I trained for marathons, where I finished, but wasn't super happy with my performance. I got injured and put marathons on hold to focus on triathlon. My first triathlon, in 2005, was so much fun. I found the sport, and the community behind it, to be amazing. I had a hard time training for triathlon though. I liked swimming and biking, but I found them boring. So when it came to training for triathlons I would mostly just run. I kept thinking that it would be great to have an awesome group of people like that marathon training group I belonged to in 2002. My wish came true in 2009 when I found Team FeXY.

I have so enjoyed being a member of Team FeXY for the past 4 years. There have been so many things I have accomplished as a member of this team that only a few years ago were just "someday" dreams. If I sign up for a race, it's great to know that if I have a bike ride to do, I can go meet a group on Saturday mornings. And, if I need to get to the track to run intervals - there'll be a group there waiting for me on Wednesdays. If I just need some motivation or a training partner, I can find that too. This is why I am excited to serve as the workout coordinator for FeXY.

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