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Team FeXY® Elite Squad

The Team FeXY Elite Racing Squad is an extension of the overall FeXY multi-sports team. It is comprised of a select number of general members who have exhibited outstanding personal racing skills and serve as ambassadors to the sport of triathlon.

The overall purpose of the Elite Squad is to provide its members the opportunity to train and compete at a higher level while simultaneously expanding the FeXY "brand" and supporting key sponsors.

To view the Athlete Bio of any member of the Elite Squad, click on either the photo or the name of any of the individual photos below.

Team FeXY Elite Squad

Nathan Rickman

Henry Tragle

Jason Davidson

Scott Baldwin

Kevin Wright

Stephen Eid

Cynthia Revesman

Chuck Wilkins

Michelle McKenna

2015 Elite Squad

Left to Right: Henry Tragle, Kevin Wright, Scott Baldwin, Xavier Passy, Jason Davidson, John Schaller, Drew Gaibler,
                         Stephen Eid and Fabrice Guillaume.

Absent: Lindsay Ludlow, Kristine Wooten and Nathan Rickman

      2013 Elite Squad

      Left to Right: Xavier Passy, Taylor Knibb, Fabrice Guillaume, Scott Baldwin, Henry Tragle, Leslie Knibb, Dina Sulyma, Melanie Yu

      2011 Elite Squad

        Front: Fabrice Guillaume, Melanie Yu, Tom Impellitteri, Michelle Mckenna
        Back : Scott Baldwin, Xavier Passy, Scott Bailey, Leslie Knibb, Reid Kiser
        Absent: Henry Tragle, Johan Duba, Lisa Albrecht, Shannon Hawrlyo

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