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Thread: April 8th Long Ride

Created on: 04/04/17 07:49 AM

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April 8th Long Ride
04/04/17 7:49 AM

we have two options this week which can be modified to add or subtract distance

Scott Baldwin will be leading a 70 mile route:

Joe ToughGuy will be leading a 48 mile route:

In both cases, these are NOT no drop rides. you are responsible for knowing the route. Please have your cue sheets with you if you need them.

Also remember that as a team, we are very visible. Follow the rules of the road and trail. Warn when passing on the trail. Do not use turn lanes unless you are turning. Have fun and safe riding!

Scott Baldwin
Team FeXY - President
2017 Races: Munice 70.3, IMLP!!!!

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